Make Your Phone Dunkable in Water

This is a typical yet sobbing scenario. You accidentally drop your phone in the water while playing beside the pool. What will you do? A. Are you going to whine not being able to use your free Sun load? B. Will you cry in desperation because you’re still paying it with your credit card? C. Will you pull your hair out of frustration because why, oh why, didn’t you just buy a waterproof phone?

We are not going to vouch for the first two options, but you can do something about the last and possible options. Buying a waterproof phone is no longer a Sci-Fi thing anymore. It is real and it is happening right at this moment, thanks to P2i’s Dunkable technology. It sounds less futuristic, isn’t? Don’t be deceived by the name because this UK-based company developed Dunkable, a hydrophobic barrier technology that can make any device water-repellant even when submerged for a long period of time.

P2i's Dunkable technology

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Dunkable solution uses nano-coating technology where the company specializes on for almost a decade. It eliminates the need of using bulky protective wrapping or case, a separate accessory that may guarantee an overall protection for the phone, but it is subject to wear and tear overtime. While a gadget treated with Dunkable solution coats the device with a thin and lightweight barrier. What is good about the technology is it does not only cover the outer casing of the phone, but also the pieces of electronics inside of it.

Currently, Motorola is the first manufacturer to take advantage of this groundbreaking innovation. Let us keep our fingers crossed that other tech giants like Samsung and Apple will follow suit. Soon, you will just fish out your dunked phone in the water without the need of turning it off and on. The phone’s functionality is retained as well. You can also enjoy your free Sun load while you frolic in the waters and text to your heart’s content.


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